Onda Maris-Bevanda Veneziana

Onda Maris and Beranda Veneziana is a Italian restaurant with a blend of Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Continental cuisine and fast food. They serve one of the best Italian dishes out there. Italian dishes are made of a variety of fruits, vegetables, amazing sauces and delicious cheese which this restaurant provides without flaws. Their pastas and pizzas will taste like they are straight made from Italy. With this cuisine they also serve other cuisines with full authenticity and precision. The ambience and environment will allure you to come again.This place is for the food lovers,so if you are a food lover make sure you visit here.

Business Hours:

Day: Saturday - Thursday

Time: 12 PM to 11 PM

Day: Friday

Time: 2 PM to 11 PM

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Having the cravings for Italian and other cuisine? Head on over to Onda Maris and Beranda Veneziana...

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